I believe I am a very average innovator. Rather to say, that my experience in innovation is typical of most. I studied at a top school and earned an MBA. At times worked both for innovation consultancies and on in-house innovation teams. I’ve founded a startup and launched a joint venture between multi-billion-dollar corporations. I’ve also failed to bring innovations to market, abandoning the time and money spent. Some of the innovations I’ve launched have failed to meet their expectations or be exceeded by a competitor.

I have helped companies of all sizes create, develop and launch innovations. I’ve worked with some of the most insightful CEOs when it comes to innovation, and some of the least. I’ve convinced CEOs to take bold action and to reverse terrible decisions. I’ve seen executives excel by launching game changing new products and services. I’ve also seen the end of careers for talented executives and CEOs because they mismanaged innovation.

Because many innovators share my experiences I’ve included many others for their points of view, wisdom and war stories. Like innovation, this series is a creative synthesis and I hope the sum will be greater than the parts.

Proven business leader with a track record of creating, launching and growing consumer-driven brands.